Michelle Baumgartner, LCSW, OTR/L

Individual Adult Psychotherapy
& Groups
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Psychotherapy for Mind, Body, Spirit
Growth … awareness, change, transformation
Connection … to self, others, spirit
Creativity … in expression and in solving problems

Is an acute or chronic health condition, a loss of a loved one, a traumatic experience, or a transition in your life leaving you feeling anxious, depressed, overwhelmed? Might you be struggling to feel engaged in a meaningful and purposeful life?

If so, I can help…

I am highly skilled in helping clients cope with and integrate the experience of having a serious health condition, like cancer. To heal from the loss of a loved one this requires space for complicated emotions and support to find hope, resilience, and meaning.

Going through a difficult experience or early childhood trauma can leave one feeling reactive, numb, ungrounded; hold negative beliefs about themselves or the world; or have strained relationships. Utilizing a mindful, body-based talking therapy can help one to minimize the effects of triggers, feel more emotionally regulated, and integrate lost parts of themselves.

A woman in transition-to motherhood, through menopause, or experiencing a loss of a relationship needs support to manage moods, adjusts to new roles, find her voice and power, and honor these rites of passages.

My work with clients is collaborative, integrative, and experiential. Integrative work focuses not only on verbal insights, but from wisdom accessed from the body, imaginal, creative, or spiritual exploration. I help clients discover a deeper sense of knowing themselves, strengthen their own internal wisdom and resources for solving problems, and heal from the past into a more integrated present self.

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